Wednesday, 18 February 2015



I’ve been slowly building up my granny square collection for donation to the lovely project for cancer patients

So I after my initial set of 24 squares (, I thought I’d make different types of squares – and these are some of my flower granny squares.  I’ve added below the links / patterns I’ve used.

Some of the patterns used did not reach the required dimensions of 9” x 9” – so once I’d completed the square as per the original design, I just added a few more rounds following pattern of the last round (or last 2 rounds) till I got to our desired size specifications.

Materials used : A combination of our local Indian acrylic yarns (3-ply, 4-ply as well as Vardhaman Millenium DK ply)

1. SIMPLE GRANNY SQUARE : A lovely simple pattern that I have done in my first set of granny squares as well. (same link as above)

Loved this pattern, but had to tweak it a bit - I straightened the scalloped edges in Round 7 instead of doing as per designer, altered it slightly for our project square here.

So in Round 7, sc in the 3rd dc of the 1st 5-dc shell, sk next 2 dc in the same 5 dc shell and do a 3 dc shell (i.e 3 dc’s) in the scs all around.  In the corner 7 dc, I sk 1st dc, ch 1, sc in the next dc, sk next dc, ch 1, 3 sc in the next sc (4th dc of that 7 dc corner shell), [sk next sc, ch 1, sc in the next sc] ; and rep [to] once more ; then continue with the 3 dc shells all around till next corner. 
So now we have an “un-scalloped” edge – so you can either continue with a full round of dc’s all around till you have a 9 x 9” square, or do 3 dc’s in the sc’s and then our usual [3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc] in each corner (in the 2nd hdc in each corner) ; all around as we do for our regular basic granny squares. 


So in this one, our square does not reach our desired size (well, for Project Chemo I mean) at the end of the last round.  So to increase it, I did a few more rounds as follows :
Starting at one corner (ch-3 sp), *[3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc] in the corner ch-3 sp ; 3 dc in next ch-1 sp* ; all around. Working with this combination, increase your square to the 9 x 9” size needed.  I also used a contrast color to the one(s) used for the centre flower, just so that the centre flower shows up well.

You’ll love this one – a little complicated, but oh, totally worth the effort.. a beautiful pansy.. so not just for a granny square here, but once you’ve got this pattern done once, you can make lovely little pansy flowers that can be used as beautiful embellishments!



This pattern has been designed for a different charity (i.e not Project Chemo)and I wrote asking the lovely designer if I may use this pattern for a charity other than hers.. and was thrilled when she agreed.  Please visit her page and if able do join that charity as well too.  Thank you.
Tweaked this a bit and left the last round loose, to give it a slight 3-D effect 


11. PRETTY PATCHWORK BY Magret Willson

A brilliantly awesome pattern – superb new way to make a flower, which you can definitely find a lot more uses for.  A definite “Must Make” pattern here.  For the purpose of our project here, on Round 6, instead of doing a round of sc, I’ve done a dc round , measured and then continued with dc rounds till I have my 9 x 9” square. (.. and yes, this one needs blocking!)

Brilliant  pattern - and so multi-usable

This square is also being used by the designer for a charity square - so yet again please do visit the page and join that charity as well, if you can. Thanks.
This square did not fit our size specifications, so added a few rounds on completion.

14. And my final flower square for this blog is from a lovely chart I found on the internet. Yet again, this cute square was a little smaller than needed, so I just continued with the last round of pattern and added a round of contrast color for the edge as well. 

Enjoyed this ?? I totally enjoyed making these lovely squares and adding to my collection of grannies.  I hope to make a few more for Project Chemo, so do come back right here for more freebie patterns .. granny squares and other stuff as well! J

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Have a great day and see you soon. J